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Hey, call me T!

As a wife, mom, daughter and creative bombshell, my mission is to provide the expertise and insight to bring your embroidery ideas to life! I've been working in my family embroidery business to deliver high quality products for over a decade and this experience has helped inform my unique style. I strive to stay current in the industry, all while bringing a “spellmatic” touch to any new and funky trend out there.

About Us

Stitch Witch Customs is your personalized boutique embroidery, screen printing and laser engraving shop offering expert design, quick fulfillment and great service!  We are experts at making your ideas a reality with our design skills and precision equipment. We stay up to date on innovations within the industry, ensuring we use the most advanced equipment and techniques to deliver top notch products.

We can customize  your items or you can choose from our selection of high quality and affordable goods. Our mission is to exceed your expectations with quality service that is fast and friendly.

We are proud to be a woman-owned, black-owned and disabled veteran-owned business! Buy small business, support small business!


We're always looking for new and exciting projects. Let's connect and bring your ideas to life!

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